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What are the main advantages of purchasing a floor plan from Concept Plans?

  • Advanced plan filter with various attributes to find the perfect house plan easily and efficiently.
  • Print & draw to 1:100 scale with our PDF floor plans. (Easy printing and designing on it with a normal ruler.)
  • Measurements / Dimensions included for basic rooms sizes (See plan samples)
  • Wish List to save your favourite plans for viewing at a later stage or sharing with others.
  • Layer system to switch off various items on the plan with only one click. (For example: Easily switch off the furniture, dimension or roof line layer to make it less cluttered for ease of additional design)
  • Great selection of house floor plan templates for owner builders as well as professional designers
  • Download CAD floor plans in popular DWG format available for import in almost any vector design software package. Metric units can easily be converted to imperial units. (Tech savvy & CAD users only)
  • Export to other popular graphic file formats.
  • Colour coded room types to easily define different functions of the house plans.
  • Professional architectural design. All our floor plans are designed by professional architectural designers to a high standard.
  • Instantly available downloads. Starting working on your design within minutes!