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What is meant by the term ‘concept plan’?

A concept plan, also sometimes referred to as a ‘sketch plan’ is an architecturally sound (correct) 2D floor plan in some instances hinting towards a possible style, roof type or elevation treatment, but without any technical details shown on the plan.

The 2D house floor plans on are all designed by architects or professional architectural designers and are all perfectly workable house designs. All our plans contain basic dimensions, an elementary roof outline indicating the style of roof proposed for a particular plan, door and window positions, sanitary fixtures and a proposed furniture layout.

The purpose of our concept plans are not to be fully comprehensive technical documents, but rather an architecturally sound starting point or ‘template’ that might be used ‘as-is’ or altered to create another design. No other technical details or specifications are included. The plans are 2D designs only and does not have any elevations.