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Why use stock house floor plans?

Many prospective property owners are opting to have a privately designed home built instead of buying an existing house. Reasons for this vary, but mostly for the possible cost savings, being sure all your requirements are met, and perhaps most importantly: the creative challenge and sense of self-achievement in designing your own house plan!

House design can be overwhelming; having to take into consideration the accommodation list, floor size, shape, style, position, materials, regulations as well as your budget and you will quickly be faced with the choice of hiring a professional architectural designer to develop a house design from scratch or to work with a stock house plan.

Starting a house design from scratch often involves a lot of frustration in accurately conveying your needs and requirements to a professional to be incorporated into the design. The process to get the design exactly right can be very time consuming and relates to significant expenses in terms of design-time and associated costs. (A custom design can cost as much as 8% of the total construction cost!)

With stock floor plan templates it is easy to visualize your needs beforehand and the budget can be controlled by making sure the size / parameters does not exceed what you can afford. The floor plans on Concept Plans are all designed by architectural professionals with decades of experience in residential home design and can quickly be customized to fit any of your individual requirements. The final concept sketch can then be taken to a local draughtsman or architectural designer for construction plans to be finalized. This process is a lot less time consuming as the professional will just need to incorporate your particular styling requirements and local building codes into the overall house design.

Typical Advantages of stock house plans:

  • Less expensive – Significant costs savings compared to starting the design process from scratch.
  • Less time consuming – Save a lot of design-related time and associated costs.
  • Less frustration – In getting your ideas accurately conveyed to design professionals.
  • Less surprises – Stay on budget easier and avoid surprises as a result of misunderstandings.
  • Same quality – Huge selection of professional house plan designs to choose from on the Concept Plans website.